Well… here I am… Just ‘Another Tattooed Lady’.

I’m Kazia. Lover of faux fur, painted lips and my staple cat-eye-liner.

Welcome to my little slice of the internet.  Feel free to take a bite (but  please don’t leave crumbies… I’m fairly OCD and no one likes to find crumbies casually strewn around…)

I’m in my mid-thirties, based in North London and essentially enjoy the quirkier side of life including all things fashion, beauty, accessories and hobbies!  That said, I do spend an awful lot of my time in my pyjamas, thinking about food, or dare I say, even cobbling something fairly edible together.

Absolutely Honest & True Facts About Me?

  • I’ve been wearing winged liner & leopard print since I was 15.
  • My first job was as a ‘Hygiene and After-Care Consultant’ in a body piercers (aged 16 and far too young to be advising men on how to take care of ‘Prince Albert’ piercings…)
  • I am a qualified dolphin trainer (granted, there aren’t many dolphins in London, but in Mexico 2010, it seemed like a productive use of time).
  • I have a total of 12 tattoos (ranging from palm sized to covering 3/4s of my arm)… to date (never say never, right?)

And that’s just for starters…


All ramblings are my own. 

I will do sponsored posts but I won’t except pre-written material – all views/opinions will be my own.  I will mark the post *Sponsored post or *this post contains a sponsored link

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