Another Tattooed Book Club

At the start of 2018, I made the promise to myself that I would read more… I know… Ground-breaking, right?!

Weird fact number 2673816: I LOVE the smell of old books.  You know that weathered, thumbed-through, well-loved smell that old books have?  Put me in the middle of a library with leather sofas, where people are allowed to smoke cigars and that’s a nasal sensation right there for me!

Back to ‘Another Tattooed Book Club’… I’d like to aim to read a book a month, but the fact that I’m reading right now and making the time for myself to do it is an accomplishment in itself.  So, every so often, I’ll leave a little review here of something that I’ve particularly enjoyed so that you can perhaps have a little look and make your own mind up.

Most recently I’ve been inspired by the likes of Reece Wetherspoon and Dawn O’Porter, both amazing women who have an eye for spotting a good read, so I wanted in on the action.

Years ago a local children’s book shop turned my stomach, (given the targeted audience), by sporting the sticker “Making Reading Sexy”.  But in this instance, for a group of amazing people approaching or over thirty, why not?  Well… maybe not ‘sexy‘; but at least a very *hold British stiff-upper-lip* ‘fashionable and cool thing to do. Again.’…

I’d love to hear from you – your thoughts about a book we have in common or suggestions you’d like to make.  Please leave a comment below and subscribe to the blog so that you’ll know every time I post a new review.

Grab a cup of favourite beverage.  Get comfy and curled up on a sofa, sat in a coffee shop, lazing in the park, beach, bath (you get the idea..) and let’s get reading!


  1. Angela

    Hey hun!
    I have a suggestion!
    I subscribed 2 months ago to the Reading in heels box, each month I receive a book and a few treats, which can be: chocolate, tea, face cream, a candle, everything you can use while reading for a complete peaceful experience!
    It’s 12£ a month and so far I received Umami by Laia Jufresa and Based on a true story by Delphine Vigan.
    It’s really nice to have this surprise at the beginning of the month!
    Oh and also I read Little fires everywhere, BRILLIANT!


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