Another Tattooed Lady Social Club

This whole first paragraph?  Complete digression… It’s Tuesday night and I’m sitting in my PJs with my Dynasty (original series) boxset on in the background… (those of you who follow me on IG will know all about my current obsession).  Blake Carrington has just told his partner “I need my wife… in the bedroom” *pass the bucket* blee… like overhearing your parents, dare I say, ‘being sexy’ with one-another.  (Thankfully, I don’t need to worry about that since mine separated when I was around 1 years old!)  Ahw you read the first paragraph even though I warned you it was nothing to do with the post itself!  Gold Star to YOU!

Ok… back in the room… so it’s Tuesday night, as I said and I should be at choir right now, but then I had an idea (and realised it was raining), so had to start typing… I decided that 2018 was meant to be all about me and finding new things to try that I enjoy and then BAM, that virtual lightbulb-thingy happened… I really want to start a social club for the ‘anti-social’.  I don’t mean ‘anti-social’ as in rude, but those of us who have potentially been perceived to be due to social anxieties and whatever else may be getting in the way.  The ultimate Introverted Extroverts Club, or something along those lines…

I love meeting people and talking and giggling and finding out about common interests, but getting me in the room in the first place is the biggest struggle.  I want to try and organise a group of ladies who just want to know that they’re stepping in to a room of like-minded amazing women.  I want to organise cocktail meets, coffee dates, book clubs, cinema trips, dare I say… SOBER nights, craft sessions, seaside visits, quiz nights… you name it, I want to (eventually) do it.

And that’s that… it’s happening people.  It will be based in London, so if you want to join, or make a suggestion, do comment or email.  Follow my IG to keep updated with where I’m at and especially if you want to be a part of it! Let’s do this!

Welcome to Another Tattooed Lady Social Club!




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