Tis the Season to… Treat Yo’self?

Why the hell not?  The countdown to Christmas is well and truly on, so why not pay it back, after you’ve paid it forward and indulge yourself for once?  It might seem a little extravagant, but anyone who knows me, knows I start saving for Christmas in January and buying my presents in July… Yup, I’m that person!  However, the benefit of that is when December actually rolls around, I have a little nest egg to spend on myself.

And so I present…

20171207_193137IMG_20171206_090615_711This personalised leopard print tote bag is from the amazing SWYC (Say What You C) and super cute ‘It’s Alicia’ cosmetics bag from Boots.  Not only is the tote in my favourite ‘colour’ (leopard print), it’s also personalised with my initials which I adore!  It’s big enough to fit the world and its’ kitchen sink and has a handy front compartment that I use to keep all my ‘go to’ essentials (keys, diary, gum, spare eyeliner)… As for the cosmetics bag, one day I’ll post what I actually keep in there), but it’s fair to say that cosmetics probably makes up 20% of the booty!

Annnnnnnnnd making up part of that 20% are a couple of new additions.  As always, I’m late to the party, but I succumbed to the Glossier *craze (coconut, birthday and rose balm dotcom) and I’ve finally found a highlighter that I love; (all for the bargain price of £3)!  MUA‘s Undress Yourself highlighter in ‘Ice Sparkle’ is perfect for pale skin (don’t let the blue put you off!)


*I would wait for a deal on these.  They retail at £10 each, but occasionally there’s an offer of three for £25.

So come on… what are you going to treat yourself to?


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