It’s All About The Statement Scarf

















As the nights draw in at 4.00pm in London, the air is crisp, with a bite and it’s fair to say that winter has well and truly landed!  It’s time to indulge in Instagramable festive-flavoured coffees, sip on mulled wines and cider and most importantly… Dig out the woollies!!!

Now as much as I love the array of coats I own, I’d say the average price I pay for one is about £30 and they tend to be either leopard print or a block colour.  For me, it’s all about the accessories and when it’s freezing outside, I want a scarf that feels like a duvet around my neck!

My current fave is this ‘little’ (ahem) rainbow number from ASOS, (unfortunately sold out).  OK, let’s be honest, it’s far from little.  It’s the width of a bathroom towel and can wrap around me (and then some), and I’m in love.

I am in my element right now. Bring on the layers! Do you have something you look forward to wearing in the colder weather?

2 thoughts on “It’s All About The Statement Scarf

  1. Antonia Wylde says:

    Yes I look forward to slipping into what was my teenage sons bobbly and thin fleece onesie, drsigned by Primani, with a neon space raiders pattern all over, but I can’t get it off quick enough in the morning if I need the bathroom urgently. A faded washed out was pink now more grey M&S vest my mother gave me, purchased from a jumble sale in Highbury three decades ago…and my BF knitted me a pair of grey cable knit long-sleeved fingerless gloves which are the same width both ends so the top around my forearm cuts in to my flesh like sock elastics around fankles… these are my favourite seasonal pieces


    • anothertattooedlady says:

      I bloody love a good onesie, but can’t wear them any more for the exact same reason! The urge to pee is far too strong! I love to knit… Although I never quite learnt to cast on and off! Maybe a NY resolution for me! Xx


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